Dancehall Star Konshens Questions Why Some Folks Attack Gays And Not Pedophiles

Konshens shared his feelings on some folks who are very vocal against homosexuality and not about pedophilia.

Popular radio deejay and Jamaican personality ZJ Sparks recently made her stance on paedophiles clear when she Tweeted, “Nuff ah anno only have strength fi gay people. When di dutty pedophile and abusers dem show up uno quiet like a lamb.” Her message got some interesting support from dancehall veteran Konshens, who agreed with her take on the issue even though he clearly stated that he is not advocating the gay lifestyle. Sparks posted Konshens’ comments on her post and said, “And dats on dat.”

Konshens said that it was an issue that he felt a lot of anger about and that he despised the fact that someone would want to hurt a child.

“Mi say dis all di time!! Dem pick and choose what to be holy and hurt and outraged about, and fi bun b@#ttyman mek dem feel cool from dem a go a school an dem no grow up all now,” he said.

He said while he doesn’t agree with the gay lifestyle he felt that attention should be focused on how children are being protected rather than how people choose to live their lives. He added he and his close friends and family had never been intimidated by anyone who is gay.

“As much as me personally nuh agree wid gay, a b#$tyman never look me yet or try touch offa me nor none a mi fren or family or mi son suh mi nuh see how 2 big man weh DEH rouna dem own yaad fi affect me an hurt me more than bwoy weh a rape or abuse ppl f#$king sister an dem madda,” he said.

He added that people should focus on using their voices to stop the wrongs that are being meted out to the youngest members of society.

“Me see dem a kill all granny an baby an mi no see dem a outrage pan internet. Maybe dem have b%$tty troubles before and scarred why everyting wid gay trigger dem but dem cool wid everything else.” He also questioned why so many were quick to run to religion when there are such serious issues to deal with.

He added, “Me no have no b**ty experience but mi see ppl head buss out and me look up inna nozzle already an me feel pain when ppl gone. A dem ting deh trigger me.”