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Boosie Badazz Goes Off On Kanye West For Obsession With Drake

Boosie Badazz

It’s not the first time Boosie Badazz has asked Kanye West to stop hating on Champagne Papi as Kanye continues to bring Drake into his social media drama.

In September, the rapper told Kanye West he was showing jealousy by hating on Drake, and there was no need to be jealous of Drake because Kanye “ain’t even gotta do that u rich rich ni**a smh.” Now, in a new interview, he is again addressing Kanye for going after Drake.

“…I was gonna say it three weeks earlier about his tweet. I was like, is the world gonna keep on letting this dude just ick on this dude? Dude don’t say sh*t back, I’m like damn. The world talkin’ bout everything, what about him just keep saying this man’s name? and I didn’t like that. I feel like he was picking on dude.”

The Louisiana rapper went on to say that he didn’t like Kanye being a bully and a Drake hater.

“I done took ni**as that been picked on and made ‘em steppers and made them not to be played with. I don’t like that. Dude keep on f***ing with dude, what is it? Somebody knows. It’s something. I don’t like know, so I said it. I wasn’t trying to unlike Kanye West for it. I was just un-liking him for being a hater on Drake…he’s a Drake hater.”

Akademiks posted the commentary in an Instagram post, and Drake also liked the post.

Drake and Kanye have had issues since 2018 when the 6-God later said that he felt Kanye tricked him into revealing information about his son Adonis. At the time, no one knew Drake had a son as he had kept it under wraps, including when he was born and other information as to who his mother was. However, Drake said after a convincing speech by Kanye to him in the studio, and he felt he could trust Kanye, and told Ye about his son and the issues he had with his son’s mother.

The next day, Drake said dates and information he divulged was all over the internet as Kanye blast his personal life for the world’s amusement.

Although Kanye has apologized, he has continued over the past two years to make passive-aggressive jabs at Drake.

It seems though that Kanye’s bitter malice might have stemmed from Drake’s song In my feelings from his ‘Scorpion” album in which he asked, “kiki do you love me?”, Kiki supposedly being well known as Kim’s nicknames to her family and close circles.

In Sicko Mode in which Drake collaborated with Travis Scott, he also insinuated that he did something that he paid the price for. Speculations arose that Drake, who lives a stone’s throw away from Kim and Kanye’s house, is speaking to a possible rendezvous between her and Drake.

Kim Kardashian, however, has denied any involvement. But Kanye doesn’t seem to believe it as he continues to take jabs after Drake.