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Young M.A Was Arrested For Reckless Driving, Reports

Young M.A was arrested for reckless driving.

New reports say that New York native Young M.A was arrested. The 28-year-old rapper was booked for reckless driving on Friday morning (Dec. 4) but she has since been released, according to reports.

Young M.A. hasn’t commented on the arrest since her release but she did share a photo with her 6.3 million Instagram followers of her drinking liquor and flipping the bird. She reiterated the middle finger in the caption as well so clearly, that’s the message she’s trying to send. Fans think it’s not at all far-fetched that it could be aimed in the direction of the police department that took the rapper into custody.

“F**k Em,” one fan wrote in agreement. “Whewwww Chile u got out quick af lol,” someone said in another comment. “Yeahhhhh doeeee they couldn’t hold you for long,” rejoiced one stan. Most of Young M.A.’s fans are calling her a G.O.A.T for beating her case in record time while at least one asked the question on everyone’s minds: “How fast were you going?”

While details on her arrest remain scarce, Young M.A is clearly not fazed by her run-in with the law. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this developing story.