Govana Name-drops Alkaline, Popcaan & Aidonia In “Undefeated” Video


Spanish Town-born dancehall artiste Govana namedrops Alkaline, Popcaan, and Aidonia in his new song and video addressing the hate, jealously, and overall negativity they have faced in their rise to the top.

The track, which is titled, “Undefeated” has a lot of depth to it, and rightfully so, since the “Champ” artiste takes us through the ins and outs of his struggles in Spain Town and his journey to a better life as a result of his talent.

He’s now able to provide his mom with whatever she needs and currently owns his own house. Govana also remains “Undefeated” in his race to continuously improve himself and become a better man and artiste than he was the day before.

He thanks Aidonia for giving him the platform to showcase his craft and picks at the critics who thought that he would fizzle out after getting his break. Govi is now one of the hottest acts coming out of the island. The deejay’s ability to deliver not only fun and playful songs but also deep meditation cuts and sometimes hardcore and biting pieces on a consistent basis has been the keep to his success.

Busy Signal recently hinted that Govana’s “Convo” series was copying a style pioneered by him. Govi shrugged off the allegations in the finale of the series when he mentioned other legendary dancehall acts who have done it before Signal.

“You no affi like me, no affi rate me but me respect you affi gimme that, / Admit it say me make you look like idiot, / Admit it say you say me wouldn’t buss / And when me buss one year time yuh woulda see me flop,” Govana deejays.

You can stream the Wikid Media and ShotbyDeth music video below and check out the description for musical credits.