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DJ Envy Confessed To His Wife Gia Casey After Cheating With Erica Mena

DJ Envy snitch on himself to his wife after cheating with Erica Mena.

After you have made a mistake, sometimes the best move is to own up to it entirely. That’s what DJ Envy says he eventually decided to do after being unfaithful to his wife, Gia Casey. The scandal all went down over ten years ago when Envy began an affair with Erica Mena. The infidelity was brought to light in 2018 when Mena decided to spill some tea on Instagram, replying to a fan’s comment about Envy with, “Jus go tell his wife he thinking about me again.

I’m always being mentioned on his little platforms & if he keeps doing it one day I will have to tell THE TRUTH on it all.” Erica Mena followed the comment up with a video advising Envy to keep her name out of his mouth on his podcast and radio appearances.

Not much came of the incendiary jabs since then, but the situation is talked about openly by both Envy and his wife in a new episode of Behind Every Man. Gia explained that she first caught wind of her husband’s sexual exploits online, saying, “I Googled his name. A blog popped up. And when I clicked on the blog, I saw a conversation and one of the girls said to the other girl, ‘Well that’s why you’re with DJ Envy and his wife sits at home clueless.’”

Envy went on to recall how Casey confronted him about cheating, and that his first reaction was to vehemently deny any infidelity. Gia added that Envy became very defensive, saying, “He was so infuriated that I would even suggest that he could do something like that to the woman that he loved more than life itself.”

Ultimately, DJ Envy decided to take the high road and confess. “I told on myself,” he admitted, although his admission didn’t come without plenty of coaxing from Gia. Luckily, it seems the couple has done the work to move past those dark times and they are now happily married.