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Alkaline Stacks His Papers In New Video “We Up”


The ‘Young Lawd’ Alkaline has finally provided the visuals for his most recent effort with ArmzHouse Music titled, “We Up.”

The deejay released the audio some four months ago, which has gone on to be streamed 2.4 times on Youtube. The music video should help propel the new track into even more lucrative territories. After all, that is what “We Up” is all about. Alkaline lives his truth as a showman throughout the video, keeping his movements calm yet confident. He is also all swagged out in just about every scene, never letting go of his bottle of bubbly and his marijuana.

It’s all about boss moves from the Vendetta boss himself. He gets the king’s treatment from his female attendees for the simplest of tasks, such as ensuring his clothing is free of any impurities. The video description list’s the deejay as an “International Jamaican Recording artist,” which is a quite fitting title for the man who resides in the US. Video directors hosimages and Alkaline’s sister/manager Kereberry play on this information by capturing varying drone shots of an unspecified city. Editing was handled by caviircreative.

Vendetta fans are already sharing their views on the video, meanwhile running up the numbers which have already surpassed 125,000 views.