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Mulatto Might Change Her Name, Responds To Colorism Backlash

Mulatto might change her name as she faces more backlash.

Mulatto, the rap Queen Of The Souf, is once again coming under heavy criticism for allegedly claiming that colorism is not real. She is now taking a firm stance against all the dirt being thrown on her name, but there could also be a professional name change. The name Mulatto has always been a source of controversy for the rapper. Back in 2016, while competing in the show The Rap Game, a 15-year-old Mullatto had hopes of changing the negative connotation of the word into a positive. Sadly that may have been a harder task than she initially thought.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the name refers to a person of mixed white and black ancestry for example in cases where one parent is white and the other is black. While speaking to Vlad earlier this year, the Atlanta MC said she rathers be called biracial. Sometime later, she stated that she is black.

Fans raged at her on social media for her comments, and it seems she is back at that junction following her stint on the voice-based social media app, Clubhouse. She was once again hit with claims of her downplaying colorism. There is only so much a person can take, leaving the rapper to go to Twitter to vent about her frustration.

“I WOULD NEVER SAY NO SH*T LIKE COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST!” She tweeted. “Please stop with the false narrative.”

Mulatto has been considering a name change to Big Latto to finally put a rest to the ongoing stream of hate heading her way. While speaking to HipHopDX she said, “It is a controversy that I hear and see every day as far as my name goes, so I would be lying to say no I never thought of that. But I can’t say too much because right now, it’s going to be a part of something bigger.”

Aside from this issue, she has had a tremendous year, practically clawing her way to the top and earning the recognition of other top females in the business such as Cardi B. The Atlanta MC released her debut album this year and became the only female rapper from ATL to go gold this year.