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Summer Walker Flaunts Her Baby Bump While Dancing To Slow Jams

Summer Walker is pregnant and happy when she is not hearing out her baby daddy London On Da Track on social media.

The summer season was marked by an unhealthy dose of denial from r&b singer Summer Walker as it related to her being pregnant. Apparently, Autumn is the perfect season for Summer to shed the weight she had been carrying, and so she did when she finally opened up about her pregnancy and confirmed the rumors.

Over It is the name of her album but it could also explain just how the r&b singer is now feeling about her previous decision to without info about the little one growing inside of her. Summer Walker princess is now flaunting her beautiful baby bump any chance she gets.

Some of those recent showings include a couple of photos of herself and her neatly tucked bump, wrapped up in the arms of her beau London On Da Track. The smiles both parents are sporting in the picture are definite signs of the happiness buzzing between the two. This is a far contrast to the tone Walker set when she announced that their relationship was over some months ago.

Their union seems to follow a pattern of mess up, lavish gifts, reconciliation, the breakup. At this point, London may have given Summer the most precious of gifts yet, with what will be her first child. Fans are still skeptical of the whole thing since London has had numerous Baby mama issues as of late.

There were concerns and whether Summer would be happy being pregnant. She used a recent Instagram LIVE session in which she danced, cooked, and vibed to some classic r&b to show that everything is A-Ok in that area. The comment section on the LIVE was lit with loving fans congratulating her on her glowing pregnancy and her beautiful musical taste.

Summer Walker is definitely feeling the love, as she should be.