Bounty Killer Continues To Help The Poor With Huge Christmas Treat

Christmas is in the air, and for many, it’s a time of festivities and gift-giving, but for many others, it’s another reminder of how dire their situation may be. At least one Dancehall deejay has begun to do his part to help out.

Through his Bounty Foundation, Bounty Killer has assisted a woman from Lime Hall district in St Ann. The woman previously reached out to the Foundation seeking assistance.

“I thank the Bounty Killer Foundation for handing me this nice Christmas gift,” the recipient told IRIE FM. She was also thankful for receiving foodstuff and money and was extremely grateful that members of the Foundation drove from Kingston to help her out.

Since the onslaught of the pandemic, Bounty has been seeking to help the impoverished through his Foundation. Last month he teamed up with the Yishmah Foundation for a clothing drive to help people in need in Jamaica.

He shared that information with his fans on Instagram, along with a short video clip. He said, “Season greetings although poor ppl fed dem still a hold dem head up so this Christmas let’s share the bread up ?.”

The video features a woman expressing her thanks to the deejay and some people sorting through barrels of clothing items.

The woman in the video who hasn’t been identified said, “Big respect to the Bounty Foundation, alongside the Yishmah Foundation. Today we start a clothing drive. Just putting out now and we are going to continue throughout the day and the rest of the week.”

The Yishmah Foundation later disclosed that they donated at least 12 barrels of clothing to the needy. The initiative followed Bounty Killer’s donation of barrels of clothing to the Yishmah Foundation in October.

They said, “We had a big turn out and will continue to put stuff out this week, @yishmahgive we love to support and we applaud the @bounty_foundation for their generous donation. Persons were truly happy for this over 12 barrell of clothing were issued and we still have more to give. I put upfulness on the @bounty_foundation. Remember people it’s about your intention, intentions drives your actions selah. #ravishingbotanics #uplift #love #giving #sharing #joy #passion.”