Halle Berry Issued Spicy Clap Back At LisaRaye McCoy Trashing Her Sex Life, “Ask My Man”

Halle Berry comes through with a spicy clap back at LisaRaye for saying she is bad in bed.

LisaRaye McCoy has got herself in another hot mess, but this time, she’s stopped in her tracks. LisaRaye seemed to have gone after the Queen of sexy in a live video when she insinuated that Halle Berry is not good in bed. Ray is heard saying, “I don’t know what she be doing, it’s like Halle Berry”… One of the hosts asks, what you mean she’s like Halle Berry, she’s not supposed to be good in the bed?

Lisa Raye then replies, “that’s what they say, that’s what I read and that’s what I heard.”

Halle Berry, however, has words for LisaRaye. She tweeted LisaRaye to tell her to ask her man (Halle’sman) his opinion on her bedroom skills! “Ms. @lisaraye1, ask my my man @vanhunt he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know.”

Well, LisaRaye seems to be backpedaling. In another video, she said that she didn’t have a problem with Halle Berry. She does come up with a non-convincing excuse for her comments though. “They tore my a*s up this week for saying her f**k is trash. I would not know that because I am not gay nor bisexual. But that disturbed me because Halle is beautiful. I don’t have a problem with Halle. I love Halle… that is a no no. However I absolutely heard that- I remember Monster’s ball was her love scene, they was trying to say that was how she was in bed and I was like ‘no that was just a movie.’”

It seems like Halle’s words cut deep as Lisa was at pains to emphasize that most women have had to pass through many men to find their person. She also said she heard those rumors that Halle was bad in bed. “Then they came out with the Wesley Snipes thing and who it was that hit her in the ears and didn’t have good relationships… we all broke up with somebody… we all have to go through a lot of folks to get to that one.”

Well, LisaRaye McCoy is single, and Halle is happily coupled up. The Oscar-winning actress and Grammy winner Hunt made their relationship official in September.