Elephant Man And I-Octane Battle It Out In The Gym On Instagram Live

Elephant Man has challenged I-Octane to work out session with the beast celebrity trainer Patrice White to see who will be the last man standing.

The trainer who has Elephant Man yowling with her intense cardio and weighted exercises to lose weight and improve his physique, is known to be one of the best results oriented trainers. She has trained the likes of Beenie Man and his common law spouse Krystal Tomlinson, Elephant Man, Richie Stephens and recently Tessanne Chin among others.

Elephant Man nwith his big chat dared I-Octane to an exercise off. Calling on his fans to spread the word of the exercise battle, he said as the Energy Gad he will rise above ‘the big belly Rasta Man’, referring to I-Octane.

“him waan war mi over my trainer and want tek weh mi trainer…weh Elephant man deh, weh team Energy Gad deh. A what happ’n to da belly rasta man man deh. Yow mi people, team energy Gad unnu tell Octane say please don’t do this. Rasta man, for real? People, unnu say it on? Yow mi ready ready ready ready. Octane, people unnu tell him say I ready. Mi ready, so tomorrow it’s on. Call him. Listen rollout, it’s on.”

Octane accepted the challenge and replied to Elephant Man saying the showdown will be live on zoom. Mimicking Elephant Man’s lisp, he said Elephant Man started the exercise battle and he better show up ready to back up his chat.

“put yuh money weh yuh mouth deh. Hear nuh Pat, make me and Elephant man go live pan your live, my live or Pat live, tomorrow for the whole world…People memba tag everybody, Elephant Man yuh dead inna di zoom. Pat tell him ‘elephant yuh dead enuh’ tomorrow, 12 midday.”

We’ll have to tune in to see the exercise battle of the deejays to see who emerges the winner.