Bounty Killer Names Buju Banton’s “Til Shiloh” Among Best Reggae Albums Of All Time

Is Til Shiloh one of the best reggae albums of all time?

Bounty Killer is congratulating the Gargamel, Buju Banton for having one of the best roots reggae albums of all times- Til Shiloh. In a post made on his Instagram account, the artiste posted a photo with the caption “goals salute to the Gargamel @bujubanton and germaine @penthouse_records certified Gold. One of the best roots rock reggae albums of all times.”

The post featured the Gold bordered plaque that frames an image of a young Buju Banton. Bounty Killer has always had a high opinion of Buju Banton, having referred to the latter as among the greatest of all times (G.O.A.T), to include himself and Beenie Man.

Til Shiloh is the fourth album by Buju and was released in 1995 on Loose Canon Records. Many regard the album as the turning point for Buju’s international breakout and also signaled his seriousness towards the Rastafarian faith which the artiste practices.

The album was certified Gold by the RIAA, making it the Blessed artiste’s first Gold certified RIAA award, which was conferred in July 2020 on the 25th anniversary of the album’s release. At the virtual ceremony conferring the Gold certified album, Mitch Glazier, Chairman and CEO of RIAA, noted that it’s “becoming increasingly difficult these days to earn a gold record.” He added that it is also “incredibly significant that Til Shiloh is THE only RIAA gold certified roots reggae album,” which is a significant achievement for any artiste in the genre to accomplish.

Originally regarded as a rude boy, favourite songs on the album- Til I’m laid to rest, and Untold Stories were viewed as the transition from his rude boy persona to a roots-oriented fashion and persona. The album hit the U.S Billboard 200 at number 148 and the U.S Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums at number 27th. It reached the #2 spot on the U.S Top Reggae Albums chart.

The Plaque ceremony for the album was held this year in July, but it seems that the artist is only now receiving his plaque. Buju Banton continues to set the trend with his many plaques and accolades for his work. The artiste recently returned from spending time in jail in the United States for drug trafficking.

However, his past has not hindered him as the artiste has released a new album and many hit singles since his return to Jamaica.