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Young Thug Preps Two new Albums, “Punk” and “Slime Language 2”

Young Thug IG
Young Thug IG

Are you a huge Young Thug fan? If so, your life just got a whole lot sweeter following the rapper’s announcement that he may be releasing two projects in the near future. Talk about ODing on the good stuff.

Thug has already released Slime & B this year, which is a collaborative mixtape between himself and r&b crooner Chris Brown. The duo released a handful of music videos to compliment the project. “Go Crazy” has secured over 67 Million Youtube views, which helped to push the lead single to a cool double-platinum status.

What does one of the most inspirational rappers of the 2010s have up his sleeves this time? He was speaking to fellow Southern top dog T.I. on the ExpediTIously podcast when he mentioned just how he plans to bring good cheer not only to his fans but also to his label.

“I’m doing the Slime Language 2 album,” he told Tip. “I’m putting that sh*t out, then I’m putting out my album, Punk. I might put out two albums though, because I want to start anew. You know, sometimes the relationship will get out. I just wanna start a new relationship with my label. Let’s start a new one.”

With Thug dominating the charts for the better part of a decade, it’s hard to fathom that Punk will be his second studio. The project follows So Much Fun, which debuted last year at the number 1 spot on BIllboard’s Albums chart. His second project to be released in the next coming months is a continuation of the Slime Language series. The first installment was released in 2015 and secured a number 8 position on the Billboard 200 chart. SL2 should feature rappers from Thug’s YSL Records imprint, such as Lil Duke, Gunna, and Lil Keed.

Thug didn’t express who would be featured on the Punk, nor did he state the exact date of arrival of either of the projects. It seems fans will just have to wait to see when their Thugnificent gifts arrive under their Christmas trees.