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Juvenile Found A New Hustle Outside Of Rap During The Pandemic

Juvenile has a new hustle.

Rapper Juvenile is flexing his brand new back-up hustle to combat the relative pause in everything entertainment, which came as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. The New Orleans spitter is now promoting his high-end furniture company called Made By Juvie.

Juvenile has been showcasing the statement pieces on his page and the official Instagram Page setup for the business. According to the official website, a majority of the items are made from “metals, wood, electric and paint,” with a touch of the extraordinary from the rapper. Wall mounts, chairs, liquor dispensers, night lamps, and other household aesthetics are the items currently being produced in the rapper’s shop.

Fans, including Birdman, have already expressed their interest in the products, which makes complete sense since the prices of the custom pieces definitely attract a high-end price tag. Lamps currently go for up to $5,200, liquor dispensers from $179 to $799, and transformer tables coming in around $3000.00.

“How y’all doin’, this ya boy Juvie Tha Great,” wrote the rapper on his personal IG page. “Just talkin’ to everybody out there who’s really been supporting me from day one and all the way up until now. Even the ones who just started supporting me or even the ones who like good products. Y’all check me out at MadeByJuvie.com. Got some good products on there and the website is officially open. Go on there and see if you find something you like.”