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Rick Ross Send Warning Shots To T.I. Ahead Of Jeezy & Gucci Mane’s Verzuz Battle

Rick Ross

Is Rick Ross looking to battle T.I. on Verzuz next?

Verzuz has become the mainstage for some healthy competition and online music entertainment. Artists from all walks of life have been tuning in or pining over their chance to go head to head with a contender and battle it out tune for tune. Rick Ross already appeared on the popular Instagram Live series in August when he battled 2 Chainz, but the rapper has announced that he wants more smoke.

After T.I. pulled out of his Verzuz battle with Jeezy causing the matchup to now be a Gucci Mane vs Jeezy event, Rick Ross called out Tip on social media seemingly in an effort to summon him to the battlefield. According to Ricky Rozay, he and T.I. have an axe to grind. While brandishing his usual Rick Ross liquors, the rapper sent a video message to Tip on Instagram Stories.

Rapper T.I.

“Check this out… Tip got unfinished business,” Rick Ross says in his IG story. “Rozay got unfinished business. And after this event, mhmm. It’s time for us to weigh the work. We gotta weigh the work.” DJ Akademiks reshared the video clip on his page, inviting fans to weigh in on who they think would win that battle. Some gave their votes to T.I. while others say Rick Ross would come out the victor, but the disparity was evident.

“Ross would wash TI easy,” a Rozay fan wrote. “Rick Ross got some bangers but TI got this one by a mile,” said a stan of the Atlanta rapper. Another fan simply commented, “Ross>ti” while funny enough, in a separate comment, someone on the other side of the spectrum said, “I don’t think there’s a person in existence who with a straight face can ever say ‘Ross > T.I.’”

If T.I. approves, would you be excited to see Rick Ross return for this battle?