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50 Cent Surpassed Major Milestone With “In Da Club” Hitting One Billion Views

50 Cent’s music is timeless.

Despite being a major player in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades now, 50 Cent is continuing to hit major milestones with his past and present artistic endeavors. Most recently, Fifty celebrated his 2003 hit song and video “In Da Club,” hitting an impressive one billion views on YouTube. The track was featured on Fif’s debut studio album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin, along with several other classics like “21 Questions” and “P.I.M.P.” The song quickly became a club anthem that still gets the party going to this day and will surely continue to do so when we return to turning up, post-pandemic.

“In Da Club” is Fifty’s first video to hit one billion, and his friend and collaborator Eminem recently celebrated the same accomplishment, hitting one billion views with his single “Without Me.” The two belong to a golden era in hip hop when the legendary Dr. Dre took to creating rap superstars, mentoring and producing Em and Fifty all the way to the top of the charts. Together, these three artists created some of the most memorable projects in hip hop, achieving a level of success that most artists only ever dream of.

Shady Records celebrated the milestones of “Without Me” and “In Da Club” in a similar fashion, posting the videos to the company’s Instagram page with a brand-new HD version for fans to enjoy. Fifty has taken a step back from music in recent years, becoming a successful television producer and all-around mogul while also dabbling in projects such as the production of the late Pop Smoke’s posthumous album. There hasn’t been any word on Fifty’s potential return to the studio for a full-length project, but there is certainly a market for it should he choose to get back on the mic.

Eminem’s Shady Records shared the news via Twitter.