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50 Cent And The Game Could Be Next Verzuz If Wack 100 Gets His Way

The Game and 50 Cent

Are 50 Cent and The Game going to war on Verzuz?

We may be in for a treat if everything gets cleared for a Verzuz battle with 50 Cent and The Game. The rap duel platform has become super popular over the last year for its nostalgic pairings, and now it seems it will be notorious for mending rifts between old rivals as well. The Game and Fifty’s feud goes way back to G-Unit days when they were the center of hip-hop. Unlike most of the rap beef you hear about these days, things got real with the G-Unit rappers back in the day in a dispute that involved shootings, diss tracks, and an inevitably hostile work environment.

Wack 100, who is The Game’s current manager, has always taken credit for aiding the rappers in settling their differences. They reportedly reconciled at a club in L.A. back in 2016. Wack, who is the main person trying to make this Verzuz happen, took to social media to announce the idea and called on Uncle Murda and DJ Kay Slay for help.

“I got em to Shake hands and function in the same clubs together twice,” he said in reference to his role in 50 Cent and The Game burying the hatchet. “With a little help from @unclemurda & @djkayslay It just might happen. All Respect @50cent you told me we was good let’s give em what they want @losangelesconfidential smiles everyday — #BridgingTheGap,” Wack added.

While we await the confirmation of that tentative battle, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have already booked the inaugural presentation of operation mend fences. It was announced that the next Verzuz will be between Jeezy and Gucci Mane – two rappers who also famously beefed for years. Unlike Fifty and The Game, this would mark the first time the pair is squashing their squabble publicly. What better place to reunite in 2020 than on a Livestream in front of all your fans, right?