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Jeezy Lands New Role At Def Jam As Senior Advisor

Jeezy has a major role at Def Jam.

These days, the longevity of an artist’s career is often determined by their ability to diversify their skillset and become business savvy. Hip hop artists have a long history of being taken advantage of by greedy recording companies, but now rappers are becoming their own bosses and finding ways to gain more control of their art.

It looks like Jeezy is the latest to join this rank of hip hop businessmen after renegotiating his deal with Def Jam and earning himself a high-powered role within the label. According to a press release by Def Jam interim Chairman and CEO Jeff Harleston, the Atlanta rap star will be serving as the new Senior Advisor for A&R and Artist Development for the company.

Issuing a statement about this new undertaking, Jeezy said, “It’s an honor to return to the label I’ve called home for fifteen years, not only as an artist, but as an executive. I spent most of my career learning from trial and error, I am happy to say that I am back on the team that helped me build my legacy from the streets to the boardroom and nothing makes me more fulfilled than being in a position to help guide and add value to the next generation.” Harleston also commented on Jeezy’s new role as a unique asset to the company, saying, “Jeezy has always impressed me with his talent, his tenacity, his instincts, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his leadership.”

Ultimately, Jeezy will serve as a mentor to those entering the music industry to help them develop artistically while also making smart business decisions. Placing veteran rappers in these roles helps to ensure that the next wave of artists gets a chance to produce their best work while also being cut a fair deal. Meanwhile, Jeezy is also due to release his 10th studio album, The Recession 2, through Def Jam on November 20th.