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Beenie Man & D’Angel Come Together To Celebrate Son Marco Dean’s 14th Birthday

DAngel Marco Dean and Beenie Man

Beenie Man and D’Angel put their differences aside to come together and celebrate their son Marco Dean’s 14th birthday.

It’s pretty common knowledge that Beenie Man and D’Angel don’t often see eye to eye, but the pair were able to put their differences aside recently to celebrate their son Marco’s birthday. Marco turned 14-years-old on Monday, November 9, and his parents got together to show him some love in a lavish celebration with friends and family at the Spanish Court Hotel, New Kingston.

A video of the celebration was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, November 10. Before the celebration, both D’Angel and Beenie Man used their Instagram accounts to wish their young son a happy birthday.

D’Angel posted: “Words can’t express how proud I am to call this young man here my son? I stood by you from the minute I learned I was pregnant… giving birth to you gave me a new meaning of life and love…I want to celebrate 14 years of my son’s life Today Nov 9th??? you’re growing up on me so fast, so I have to cherish every moment cause next thing you know you soon find wife married and gone leff mi lol… Happy Birthday son I wish you every great things life has to offer and everything that God creates you to be you will accomplish. I love you son and you know mommy have yuh back 100%.”

Beenie Man posted up a video clip of the celebrations and captioned it: “@marcodeandavis earth strong dinner with my children #Gwehh @desharavers @mosiahdavis @ikyra.davis @marcodeandavis.

It seems they tried to bring together some of Marco’s siblings as well for the festivities. Moses Jr, Mosiah, Ikyra, and Desha Ravers were all seen in the video having a good time. In the video, Marco is led to the party room, where he is warmly greeted by some of his siblings. After finishing dinner, he’s presented with a birthday cake, and Beenie Man leads the chorus singing happy birthday. They end the night with some eclectic dancing as the celebrations continued. Marco was all smiles throughout the night, an indicator that he had a great time.