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Ari Fletcher Ether G Herbo & His Girlfriend Taina, Says He Has Herpes, Herbo Respond

Ari Fletcher is going in on G Herbo and his girlfriend Taina Williams on IG.

Ari Fletcher certainly has no problem sharing family business on social media. Speaking openly about her distaste of photographs featuring G Herbo’s girlfriend holding her son, Ari asked the photographer responsible to promptly take down the pictures. The situation became an issue after G Herbo participated in The Crew League’s basketball tournament on TikTok over the weekend. His current girlfriend, Taina Williams, watched from the sidelines while holding his two-year-old son who he shares with Ari Fletcher.

Pictures of Taina and the little boy, whose name is Yosohn, were posted on social media, and Ari quickly hopped in the comment section to make it clear that she wasn’t having it.

“Sweetie please don’t post my son and another girl, remove this,” Ari demanded of the photographer. The Instagram page quickly complied with her request and removed the photo, only leaving pictures of Herbo and Yosohn up instead. When a fan commented on the situation to Ari, writing, “I don’t understand the point of them posting that picture of taina and your son. #childish,” Ari replied, saying, “I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her. So I don’t want my son uncomfortable.”

G Herbo responded to her rant saying, “Happy h*es ain’t hating.” It seems that comment only infuriated Ari Fletcher who responded, “How they get a cure for COVID before herpes.”

While it is entirely understandable that a mother would be protective of her baby and their level of comfort with new people in their life, it might be a bit of a stretch for Ari to expect that her ex’s new girlfriend never hold her child when she isn’t around. It also seems like Ari might have been more concerned with how the situation appeared publicly than with her son’s comfort level, but ultimately it is up to Yosohn’s parents to decide what is best for him going forward.