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NBA Young Boy Reveals He’s In A “Dark Place” In His Life With A Baby On The Way

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy says he is in a dark place right now with a baby on the way with Yaya Mayweather.

It’s never easy being in the limelight as a successful artist, and this is usually emphasized even more in the rap game as even more eyes are on you at any given time. So it’s no wonder that NBA Youngboy has revealed that he’s struggling with mental issues and that he’s in a dark place. In a clip uploaded to VLAD TV on Instagram, the young rapper shares about his current mental state as he continues to battle mental demons.

“I’m still in a dark place in my life. I’m still hurting, but I’m still always praying though. Even though it’s getting thick and still gettin’ it on.”

His feelings of depression could also be tied to the sudden death of King Von following a shootout in Atlanta on November 6. It’s rumored that the two had beef because King Von posted pictures hanging out with Youngboy’s ex-girlfriend, Jania. He could be down because of how much that situation escalated out of control.

He also has a pretty tough time when it comes to staying out of trouble. Earlier this year in September, he was arrested along with 16 other people on drug and gun charges following one of his video shoots, which was raided by police. He’s also still being investigated for beating and pistol-whipping a man in Texas.

Fan reactions under the post were mixed as some hoped that he would get better while some just didn’t support his views. You can take a look at some of the comments.

“He sounds mad hurt. I hope he does some soul searching or gets some help and finds his way, because numbing his pain with temporary distractions obviously isnt working.”

“Just continue to pray young man and GOD will fix it @nbayoungboy,” one man wrote while another added, “Stop doing so much pills and drugs. Clearly lock jawed fried asf like a pan lmao,” seemingly hinting the drugs is the problem.

“It’s like depression is the new fad or culture for the youngins madd weird,” said one fan. “definitely them drugs playing a part, ain’t no type of s@#t they waking up too afterwards,” another added.