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Bounty Killer Trolls Trump While Honoring Kamala Harris After U.S. Election

Bounty Killer has shared his two cents on the bail biting U.S. Election that just concluded with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win.

Veteran dancehall deejay Bounty Killer is well known for sharing his two cents on just about any topic, and the recently concluded U.S. General Elections was no exception. Killer took to his Instagram to share his thoughts about outgoing President Donald Trump and about the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who has Jamaican roots.

He expressed his feelings through a series of posts. In the first post, he shared a caption that read: “Can’t fool the ppl all the times now they see the light they gonna stand up for the right,” alongside a poll break down of the incoming results which showed Biden at 284 electoral college votes and Trump at just 214.

In the next post, he really says how he feels about Trump and doesn’t hold back as he trolled the outgoing President. He said: “GO NOW TRAMPOLINE BIG CIRCUS CLOWN ?.” This one is posted alongside a photoshopped picture of Biden kicking Trump out of the White House.

In his last post on the topic, he shared his admiration for the new VP-elect. He said: “No saint here but a damn good symbol of change in the right direction person of color has a say despite united we stand in unity????.”

Harris’ father Donald is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Jamaica and attended the University of California Berkeley. He also worked at the University of Wisconsin before moving to California. He’s a well-known advocate for improving the economic situation in Jamaica as well as other developing nations. During a stint at Stanford, he acted as an economic consultant to the Jamaican government.

Harris is the first woman ever, as well as the first one of color and of Asian background and the first child of immigrant parents to be elected to office.

In a later post, Bounty Killer, who seemed to be in political analyst mode, also congratulated Lisa Hanna for her run in the PNP Presidential elections, which she lost to Mark Golding.

“Congratulations same way mi friend @lisahannamp great run a you the ppl dem say him cyaah beat bro so I hope him and buntin who lost bcuz too much stunting can buy out the Jamaican like dem buy out the PNP party???,” he said.