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Teejay Opens Up About Losing 3 Friends, Romeich Criticizing His Music, Rise In Dancehall

Teejay has a lot to be proud of today but it took blood, sweat, and tears to get to the top of dancehall.

The dancehall space is a fiercely competitive one, and it takes a lot of dedication to get recognized, much less make it as an artist. The Uptop Boss, Teejay, recently revealed his journey and the things that he had to do to make it. He discussed the issues on Instagram Live. He noted that the difference with his career so far is that he didn’t have to get into any confrontation with anyone to get noticed.

“Me is not a hype youth.. mi humble yo f**k… whole heap a diss mi get,” he said while adding that negative criticism doesn’t phase him. He also recalled how desperate he was to make it and that he even once jumped well-known producer Jordon’s fence to get a shot to be on his hit riddim in the early part of his career.

He continued on to say that even Romeich criticized his music in the earliest but later explained that the renowned manager was simply joking with him. These things served as a source of motivation, he added.“Mi jus know Romeich and a tell him bout Uptop di dawg seh a f***ry song that bredda,” he said.

Even before getting into Dancehall, he had a myriad of issues to face, which included the fact that his father did not really support him. He gave thanks to his stepfather and mother for giving him the encouragement he needed to keep pushing for the top. That’s why he intends to do better by his five children, he continued.

He also recalled when he had to deal with the loss of three of his closest friends in one day. That was following the shooting deaths of “Grimy” and “Afro Don,” after which he deactivated his Instagram account for a while.

Teejay took aim at vloggers after it appeared that he was being attacked by an upcoming artist He did not name the vlogger or the artiste. He said he tried his best to keep peaceful and felt it was disrespectful that the vlogger aired this artist’s grievances. He said he was thankful to the artist because he made his name more known through his accusations. “Me nah trouble nobody,” he said.

“Ah distraction that, you on your way to success, you on your way to greatness, and people try distract yuh, yuh affi just keep going G,” he added. He also urged people to try and motivate themselves and stop waiting until 2021 to be positive and do what they needed to do to make it.