Shenseea & Romeich Team Up To Gift Needy Students Tablets In Jamaica


Shenseea and Romeich Entertainment are donating to virtual learning.

As the world continues to adapt to the new way of life to which the COVID-19 pandemic has impelled us to acclimatize, many are struggling to make hay where virtual learning is concerned. With the migration of regular school to online platforms, parents were abruptly tasked with the job of ensuring their kids had devices to facilitate learning sessions on the internet. Just like there are adults being cut out of jobs, sadly, students too are being cut out of the opportunity to learn because of a lack of resources.

Where they can, a ton of celebrities has lent their support to struggling families while this pandemic has been sweeping the globe. Most recently, dancehall sensation Shenseea purchased over one hundred tablets to donate for educational purposes. Taking to Instagram to make the announcement on Thursday (Nov. 5), the ShenYeng Boss revealed that she would be giving away brand new Amazon Fire tablets that bear her logo.

The “Blessed” singer reminded her fans that she had promised to give back after her first show, and that’s exactly what she is seeing through. “I’m giving away over 100 Tablets to support your child that have difficulty gaining access to participate in online schooling. I love y’all #ShenYengz,” Shenseea wrote in part. She also mentioned that she empathizes with parents who are struggling to help their child right now, especially since she is a single mom.

Shortly after her announcement, Shenseea had managed to reassign every last one of the tablets she purchased to a student in need. Romeich, her manager, came on Instagram a few hours later to tell fans that the tablets were all gone and encouraged those in the financial position to donate to help him come up with more. “@shenseea tablet done in 3 hours ridiculous,” Romeich wrote alongside the video announcement. “Email full. Ig fulll. Whatsapp full. People a call me num from all over ruf!!!”

Romeich encouraged businesses and friends to reach out to him to replenish the inventory so that he and his team can continue to give back to families in Jamaica. He also pointed out the charitable work various members of his team have done so far in the same area. “@shenseea using her hard working show money and purchase over 100 tablets by her self !!!!! so we all can combine together so we can continue this trend and help the families of jamaica bless up,” he added.

People everywhere have expressed gratitude for what Romeich Entertainment is doing. Fans have been showering Shenseea with praises, with one telling the dancehall star, “This is so good.. I really admire what you’re doing…very thoughtful.” Another fan commented, “Wonderful thing you are doing Shen! That’s why me must love you.”

Hopefully, the Romeich Entertainment team will get the backing they need to continue this much-needed donation in Jamaica.