Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Shares Photo Before Boob Job Thanks Her Doctor

Spice is talking about her boob job on social media.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Spice is reminiscing on her pre-boob job phase when she was insecure about her bosom. The dancehall giant took to Instagram this week to share a photo that she said predates her breast augmentation. In the topless photo, a blue-haired Spice faces backward on a chair clad in black fishnet stockings and heels.

Her head is slightly turned to meet the camera lens with her eyes as she poses with one hand atop her head and the other covering her left lady, displaying a little side boob for the shot. Spice revealed in the caption that she would ordinarily have to hold up her breasts, which she hated. “This picture was before I bought my breast. I Always use to hate that I had to hold them up to look sexy.” she wrote. “My daughter use to call me Slippers Titi. Not anymore Doc I thank you bye.”

Though she’s never spoken on it before, fans always suspected, and in some instances, knew that the dancehall star had undergone cosmetic surgery. Though the conversation is usually about her reduced waist and plump hips, there was no doubt that she had some work done north of that as well.

More celebrities have gotten used to the idea of correcting their qualms with their personal appearance these days. It wasn’t always an open conversation where they endorsed the culture or detailed the work that they themselves had done, but the trend has remained popular nonetheless. While it’s still considered taboo in some extremities, we have at least begun to normalize the idea of cosmetic procedures.

As for Spice, she is definitely known for her assets in addition to her talent, so this was but an investment for the MTV Movie Award-winning artist. Is anyone inclined to do a side by side before and after shot and try to spot the differences between Spice now and Slippers Titi then?