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King Von Addresses Beef With NBA YoungBoy

King Von
King Von

King Von is speaking out on his rumored beef with NBA YoungBoy.

Chicago rapper King Von is addressing the speculation that he has beef with YoungBoy Never Broke Again. It’s been rumored for months that the two have been at odds, especially since Von called cap on YB’s lyrics in an Instagram Live video this year. During a recent conversation with DJ Akademiks, King Von clarified that there is no beef brewing between him and NBA.

When the hip-hop commentator brought up the rift between the two rappers, King Von said the internet is responsible for spinning that whole narrative. “They be saying that a lot,” Von said about the rumored beef. “They’ll try to make it like that cause it’s the internet,” he added.

The Chicago rapper also mentioned that he and NBA YoungBoy have the same “interests,” which prompted Akademiks to question if they were feuding over women. King Von has denied anything of the sort and says he and NBA YoungBoy actually aren’t beefing at all, unlike everyone on the internet has claimed. Back in July, he called out the Baton Rouge rapper for “capping” in his songs, which led to a wave of speculation that there was a rivalry between them.

While on Instagram Live, King Von was traveling with some friends playing YoungBoy’s song “Play Wit Me” when he questioned the integrity of the lyrics said the rapper isn’t even really like that. “The f**k YoungBoy talking about on this song, bruh? He’s talking crazy on this joint. He ain’t even like that. On his a** now. Cap!” Von said during the Livestream before singing, “You got cap in yo raps. You got cap in yo raps!”

One fan reacted to the rapper’s recent interview with DJ AKademis on Instagram, sharing their abstract perspective on how the odds on a real beef between the two rappers might look. “Von got bodies under his belt, Yb get booked 5 times a month and still walks,” the fan wrote. Earlier in the interview, King Von was talking about rap beef versus a real beef and said that it wasn’t real until someone got shot or something.

Well then… it’s a good thing he said there’s no beef.