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YNW Melly Confessed To Killing His Two YNW Friends On Tape: Reports

YNW Melly might’ve confessed to killing his two friends he’s facing murder charges for.

The story of YNW Melly and his criminal case continues to darken as new evidence suggests the rapper may have confessed to the murder of his two friends on a video recording in 2018. Melly has been in jail for the last two years awaiting trial for the murder of his crewmates Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams. The 21-year-old has repeatedly maintained his innocence despite mounting evidence suggesting his guilt in the case. According to a new report by Complex, the Broward County court system is now reviewing a recording of Melly allegedly confessing to the act of killing his friends.

Melly and fellow surviving crew member YNW Bortlen have both been accused of shooting and killing their friends and trying to cover up the murders. Evidence suggests that the two men drove around with the bodies of their crewmates in the car for some time before taking them to a hospital and claiming they had all been involved in a drive-by shooting. The report also indicated that a new multi-million-dollar lawsuit has been filed by the families of the victims against Melly, his mother, and his manager. If Melly is found guilty, the lawsuit allows a jury to determine if the victims’ families are eligible for financial compensation.

Todd Baker, a lawyer for the Williams family, reportedly told Complex that the motivation for the murders involved money. “Tension began to develop between the once cohesive group of friends about how money should be distributed,” he alleged.“When there are less people splitting up the prospective money, the people on the receiving end will get more.”

The video now being submitted as evidence reportedly features Melly not only admitting to the murders but also failing to show any remorse. “There’s no regret for he sh*t that I did for that n***a to die,” he allegedly says on tape.

This case is not looking good for Melly or Bortlen, who is currently out on bond.