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Iggy Azalea Teases New Music While Being Topless In Bed

Iggy Azalea woke up on the right side of the bed with some new music bumping in the background.

Iggy Azalea’s newly-acquired single status seems to be suiting her just fine based on the video which she posted to her Instagram account. The Aussie hitmaker teased her 14 million followers with a snippet of her upcoming track “Attitude”, but that was not the only teasing that was present. The song’s lyrics, “Woke up this morning with a motherf***ing attitude / Woke up this morning with your baby daddy mad at you,” can be heard as the “Fancy” rapper looks into the camera and makes sultry flicks with her tongue.

The clip on her Insta Story is rather dark, which may have something to do with it appearing as though Iggy isn’t wearing a top. The 30-year-old is not one to shy away from showing off her body as her IG page is filled with snaps of her toned physique, which had fans doubting that she had ever been pregnant and even speculating that she had had plastic surgery to lose the baby weight. The day before, Iggy posted another video of her lip-syncing, fresh out of the shower. With a towel covering her torso and her hair, the new mom was feeling herself as she rapped along to another song snippet.

Now that she and Playboi Carti have called it quits, Iggy Azalea seems to be focusing her energy on perfecting her new album, which is due out next year. She confirmed that she and the “@ Meh” rapper had gone their separate ways after writing, “I’m raising my son alone” and “I’m not in a relationship” on IG. She later clarified that despite her and Carti ending their romance, he is still very involved in their son Onyx’s life.