Wayne Marshall Shocked After Tami Chin Confused Dancehall Star Gage For A Rapper

Wayne Marshall was quite surprised like the rest of us after his wife and former dancehall artiste, Tami Chin, confused Gage for a rapper.

Dancehall couple Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin, who also goes by the stage name, Tami Chynn, have both been enjoying a ton of on-screen time since launching their now hit Youtube series “Meet The Mitchells.” With the channel pumping out content almost every other day, viewers can get a peek into just what life is like for the lovebirds that have been together for nearly two whole decades.

Marshall and Tami frequently share screentime with their three sons Jax, Atlas, and baby Oz. Alex, Wayne’s younger sibling, their nanny MoMO, Tami’s mom, and her sister Tessanne Chin are also known to make appearances throughout the vlog. Tami, the Universal Records artiste who once collaborated with international singers Michael Bolton and Akon, simply vanished from music nearly a decade ago. While the mom of three is no longer showing off her tight dance moves or her powerful vocals on a track or on stage, she still remains in the industry as the operator of her podcast, Tami Tackles Everything. The 40-year-old Wayne Marshall still performs today, albeit much than in previous years.

This gives us a bit of scope into why Tami Chin was unable to pick up on her husband’s hint of a popular dancehall track done by dancehall artiste Gage. The hilarious clip which led to Wayne Marshall confirming that Tami is in need of a dancehall refresher starts out with Tami downing a plate of food. It is at this point that Marshall says, “Yo Wahapm to you, you love gwaan like you too modest sometimes, good gyal fi get good things, you no hear wa Gage say inna him song.”

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Gage released his raunchy female empowerment track “Good P**sy Gyal Fi Get Tings” alongside Jugglers back in 2018. The song became one of the hottest picks in the clubs, forming somewhat of a cult following as a must-play female anthem.

Tami Chin’s departure from the music scene began around the start of the last decade, as she and Marshall got married and settled down. It is a fact that when you become a parent, you tend to miss out on some of the trending entertainment. Therefore, it is understandable just why Tami asked, “Who is Gage, him a Wa rapper” in reference to her husband’s comment.

“You no know bout dancehall eno my girl, me affi go teach her,” Wayne confessed after a heavy chuckle. The one-time dancehall baddie proceeded to apologize for any unintentional shade her lack of knowledge may have caused. “Oh Shame is a dancehall artiste?” She asked before beginning her apology. “Guys forgive, I don’t mean no disrespect.”

Let’s hope that Wayne Marshall plays at least a snippet of the clean version of the track for her and films her reaction. Something tells us it would be a major hit on their next vlog entry.