Chronic Law Launches Own Label, Addresses Criticism Over Song Promoting Gun Violence

Chronic Law
Chronic Law

Chronic Law announces he launched a new label and is addressing recent criticism for seemingly promoting gun violence in a new song.

Rising Dancehall star Chronic Law is not letting the pandemic stop his ascent in the genre. The Law Boss, whose real name is Akeeme Campbell, has announced that he will be starting his own label and also that he has created a line of merchandise. He made the announcement while being interviewed by Winford Williams on On Stage. The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, November 1.

“Me know feel me reach pon a level where me can help more youths like me de same way. Yeah, so One Law Entertainment/One Law Records. We ah pree fe just see if we can get some young artistes out there,” he said. He also said that Shaqstar Of Seaforth was already on the label.

He’s also giving back to his local community as the studio is in his hometown of St. Thomas. He said that the label is family run and clarified that he considered his closest friends “blood.” The label is up and running, and his manager also manages the many new artists who have signed up.

His merchandise is not out yet, but he said he decided to do it because the fans asked for him to officially release a clothing line after seeing the clothes that he wears. Most of them are expected to be polos and shirts with his branding. He’s also hoping for a sneakers line.

He took the time to also speak about his latest track, “Self Protection,” which he said was not an anthem about using illegal firearms but more about protecting yourself. This is necessary because many people are covetous of your possessions, he added.

“First things first me nah tell nobody to get no illegal firearm for themself. Self Protection now… ah whole heap ah fight out dey in ah real-life yuh know. So if I have legal firearm I can get down. So if you can get one, get one,” he said.

He went on to say that whether or not a person has money people will try to come after them. “So fight ah just natural thing. Me affi jus walk my road, forget the obstacles them, me just fight the fight, enjoy life while it last. Me a live,” he said.

Even though he has shot into the limelight, he said he’s not forgotten his early “Hillside” message of meditating in the hills. He also revealed that he did Hillside, one of his mega-hits, about four years ago, but it only got proper recognition about three years later.

Even with all that is going on, Chronic Law is still churning out the hits and debuted a new song Cah Stay Suh, which he said was about positivity. He also stressed that he doesn’t believe that “violence is the solution” when youths are trying to get freedom from their situation.

As he branches off with his own label, he said that 6ixx is still his family and that they are still close. The group consists of Chronic Law, Daddy 1, and Squash. “The family up and running same way yuh know, unstoppable and nah go no way you know. Strong in ah music, still have the unity same way. Still ah put out nuff work same way.

Many people have come to know Chronic Law over the last two years, but he revealed that he’s been on the scene much longer and that his hard work is finally paying off. “Hard work ah same way because we ah in it in for more than two years… it just ah pay off.”