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Alkaline Confesses He’s Not Seeking “Nuh Wife” In New Song


Alkaline has a confession to make in his new song “Nuh Wife,” and it feels very much similar to one he previously spoke about in his 2016 song “Company.”

According to Alkaline, he is definitely down for some fun, but whichever female he gets with should not expect it to last the whole season. For those who are unaware, cuffing season officially rolls in around October and usually lasts until Valentine’s Day or thereabout. What is the season all about? Well, it is basically a time when single partners look for someone to keep them cozy for the winter months.

The Vendetta camp leader explains just how the intimate moments have already caused at least one of his female partners to “Fall In Love;” sadly, he is only interested in the thrill of the actual encounter. This may just be the reason he brandishes the receipts of other men who have also enjoyed her company.

Alkaline’s “Nuh Wife” is already climbing up the Youtube trending charts with a number 10 chart position unlocked within mere hours of its release. The USA/Jamaican production outfit Sponge Music stands behind the track. They have already previously worked with Jahmiel, who is another member of the MVP camp.

You can check out Alkaline’s new track below and analyze just how Vendetta fans are reacting in the Youtube comments.