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Aidonia Is A Certified Gyallis In “Oh Ye” Video

Aidonia drops off a new gyallis anthem, “Oh Ye.”

Dancehall artiste Aidonia may be married but that does not stop him from confessing just how much of a gyallis he is or was. The 4TH Genna champ brought us into his world with his latest song and music video titled “Oh Ye,” which showcased just what being a top gyallis is all about. Any man looking to try this at home should be warned the actions shown in the music video are not for the timid or weak at heart.

The video opens with a brazen intro from Aidionia ‘lady’, a least one of them. The female in question can be heard chastising her friend Nicki, who is upset that she is spending too much quality time with the artiste. Donia plays devil’s advocate and aids in the bashing of Nicki. Viewers soon realize that Aidonia is also wooing Nicki, as we see him putting the moves on while in the backseat of a car. It all culminates with the artiste bringing Nicki back to the space he shares with his main girl. While one female would have wanted the artiste for herself, they soon realize that they are made to share.

The music video by Cinema 20K paints the picture beautifully, and the instructions are found in the lyrics Aidonia delivers on the track produced by 4TH Genna Music and Quantanium Records.

“She want f**k mi too. She see mi style and say Ric you too cool / She nuh want nuh man weh ah fire nuh likkle two two / F**k gyal from mi young like likkle QQ,” he deejays”

You can also check out an exert of the chorus then check out the full music video below.