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Russ Says Drake Is The Only Rapper On His Level Right Now

Are Russ and Drake on the same level in the game?

Being boastful comes with the territory in hip hop, and most rappers will tell you that they are one of the best to ever grab the mic. Rapper, singer, and producer Russ is the latest to declare his supremacy while also placing himself alongside hitmaker Drake as the only other rapper worthy of competition.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Russ declared, “There’s one rapper who can f**k with me and it’s Drake. That’s it. No rapper can give you ‘Losing Control,’ ‘MVP,’ and also ‘Best on Earth’ except Drake.” He went on to say that he has an advantage over the Toronto rap star, adding, “And the difference is, I produce this sh*t so that’s a whole new level.”

Of course, there is always a great wave of backlash to deal with when someone who isn’t exactly a certified G.O.A.T. points to themselves as one of the best. However, Russ was sure to clarify his statement on a post from DJ Akademiks. “Never said nothin bout ‘best,’” he said. “Was talkin moreso about ability and versatility. And then yea, also producin some songs.. drakes the [GOAT] tho duh lol. Also, you’re supposed to think you’re great lol if more people had my confidence more people might get what they want outta life.”

Russ does have a point when it comes to the power of confidence, but he also should have known he would receive some heat for that comment. Additionally, many people still argue about Drake’s merit as one of the greatest, saying that he isn’t lyrically comparable to artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

However, his ability to continue making hits is undeniable, so Drake definitely deserves mention when it comes to discussions about the greatest rappers in the game.