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Offset Detained By Police On IG Live For Allegedly Waiving Gun In Beverly Hills, Cardi B Was There

Offset found himself in police custody on Saturday in Los Angeles while filming the whole thing on Instagram Live.

Details surrounding the incident are still sketchy, however, multiple sources revealed that cops were called in after Offset had a run-in with a group of Trump supporters in Beverly Hills. The Migos rapper took out his iPhone and started recording when cops arrived and started talking to him. You can see and hear him in the footage below telling cops about his rights while saying folks were hitting his car with flags.

“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag. What are you talking about?” the rap star said.

The cops ordered Offset to exit his SUV and being a black man, and in fear for his safety, the rapper refused the order. He also told them that he is not removing his hands from the steering wheel also as a way of letting cops know that he is not doing anything to escalate the situation. Later in the clip, Set was removed from the vehicle forcefully and placed in handcuffs.

Other clips have since surfaced on social media showing Cardi B traveling in the same car as Offset. She filmed a few short clips that were shared online, showing what appears to be supporters of Trump outside the SUV they were traveling in. In one of the clips, she said that she felt intimidated. The hip hop power couple has been living in Beverly Hills for the past couple of months with their daughter Kulture.

Sources have since confirmed that Offset was released from police custody on the scene. In a new clip we obtained, you can see him heading back to his Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV in which Cardi B was sitting in the back scene.