Dancehall Star Teejay Reveals He Lost 50 Pounds In 3 Months

Teejay is finally opening up about his weight loss journey.

The Uptop Boss has had a whirlwind year but at the risk of sounding woefully paradoxical, let’s just say thanks to the pandemic, he was able to achieve new levels of success in his personal life. While the coronavirus has been a huge setback for most people, Teejay has used the downtime to put in some serious work in the gym, and now he is reveling in the results.

Fans first noticed the monumental weight loss when a photo from one of Teejay’s recent music videos surfaced online. It was obvious that the dancehall star had been working assiduously towards his new physique, which he shied away from addressing for at least a few more music videos. This week, Teejay, whose real name is Timoy Jones, took to Instagram to share more insight with fans about dropping so many pounds in so little time.

The Uptop Boss lost about 50 pounds in less than three months. Fans used his Sumfest performance as a kind of time marker when they tried to deduce the period of time in which he began to lose weight, and they estimated only two months, which is about right, according to Teejay. The dancehall singer took to Instagram to share a new photo of his trim figure. Clad in neon yellow Calvin Kelin shorts and a white tank, he posed confidently for the shot. “I lost 50 pounds in 2 months and 3 weeks the work is on,” Teejay wrote with a smirking emoji.

The Uptop Boss has been releasing video after video lately, clearly continuing to make use of these unprecedented times. Some of us have not even managed to get accustomed to our new quarantine routine yet. Meanwhile, Teejay has been the guy toiling upwards through the night. We can’t wait to see what the dancehall star has in store for his fans next.