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Romeo Miller Says He And Bow Wow Were “Face Of A Generation” In Hip Hop

Romeo says both himself and Bow Wow were the “face of a generation” in hip hop which is why they turned down Verzuz and opted for a docuseries instead.

There is no beef between Romeo Miller and Bow Wow. If you’re old enough to remember the early 2000s, you’ll recall two young rappers on the scene. Bow Wow (who back then had a “Lil” in front of his name) dropped his debut album in 2000 at the tender age of 13, while his fellow rapper Lil Romeo released his debut single the following year, while 12-years-old, and saw the hit go platinum.

With two hip-hop artists around the same age blowing up the charts at the same time, the media couldn’t help themselves but putting the two against one another. But as Romeo sees it, the pair defined their generation.

“I think this world, we’re so used to competition,” the 31-year-old said on The Real. “I don’t care if it’s in the food industry, entertainment. You got Coca Cola, you got Pepsi, you got Britney Spears, you got Christina Aguilera. It goes on and on. For me, I just want to give these stars their roses while they’re here. These people who truly paved the way and made… and became successful. Even if you look at me and Bow’s career, we were literally the face of a generation.”

Fans had speculated that there might be beef between Bow Wow and Romeo after the latter refused to take part in a Verzuz battle, but the “Back On” rapper says he felt that it would be a truer tribute to their history to make a documentary. “For the culture, instead of a versuz I already hit Bow Wow @shadmoss to do a documentary, side by side reminiscing on our historic young careers together,” Romeo wrote on Instagram back in August.