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Bobby Shmurda Says He’s A Changed Man Still Parole Denied, Remains Incarcerated

Bobby Shmurda insist that he’s a change man but the parole board sees otherwise and as such denied him an early release.

Bobby Shmurda claims he is ready to live his life in a positive way once he is released from prison, but unfortunately, his plans for turning over a new leaf will have to be put on hold since he was denied parole at his most recent hearing. According to TMZ, transcripts from his September parole hearing detail Bobby’s plans to return to music and his desire to work with troubled youth who he believes may benefit from his guidance and life experience. He also described himself as a leader and explained that he has done a great deal of growing up since he first found himself in legal trouble.

According to the transcripts, Bobby Shmurda went on to claim that he no longer considers himself impulsive or confrontational, and instead, he is now able to walk away from a situation that may get him in trouble. However, despite his own testament regarding his new and improved character, Bobby’s actions while behind bars have not helped his case. Since being locked up, he has gotten in trouble for multiple incidents, including the alleged possession of a shank, fighting, and drug possession.

Because of these continued offenses, Bobby was denied parole in September and told he is most likely going to remain in prison throughout the maximum time period of his sentence, keeping him behind bars until December of 2021.

In addition to his plans for returning to entertainment and giving back to the community, Bobby also told the board that he wanted to complete his G.E.D. upon his release. Shmurda explained that much of his past behavior has been a defense mechanism brought on by his desire to appear tough when put in difficult situations, but for now, it seems that the parole board doesn’t have faith that he has truly changed. 2021 will mark the end of his seven-year sentence, and Bobby will finally have a chance to prove that he is a new man.