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Blueface Shares Video Of Naked Women Fighting At His House For OnlyFans

Blueface is heading into the OnlyFans club in an unconventional way.

Let’s face it; there is always something wild happening at Blueface’s Los Angeles crib. Over the past year, we have seen quite a few bizarre incidents, such as his baby mother smashing a few windows from his house as well as key his car. In another incident, a bunch of ladies who were there to shoot a video got into a physical fight. As you would have imagined, that fight made it into the cut for the rapper’s music video.

Naturally, the rapper faced some criticism for facilitating said behavior at his premises. However, it seems instead of putting an end to it, he is looking to cash in. The “Thotiana” rapper recently launched his BlueGC 2020 reality series, which is available exclusively on OnlyFans for $30 per month. A few clips from the first episode of the series have found their way on the official Instagram account set up for the show. So far, the shenanigans have included a bit of boxing among the ladies, a whole lot of twerking, along with Blueface and his 16 girls going on a road trip. Still, the violent acts continue among the ladies, with one incident captured while the rapper was on an Instagram LIVE session.

The clips show one female dancing in front of a few others when out of nowhere, various objects are tossed at her. Other clips have captured more emotional moments, such as the rapper consoling one participant who was weeping on the kitchen counter.

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Ironically, Blueface bashed the actions of some of the females on set even though he’s the main organizer and participant in what takes place. “The new generation of women is kind of at a downfall and it’s really breaking my f***ing heart,” he said.

It seems he is battling staffing issues, as the last couple of hours have seen the rapper calling for a cameraman and “hair and nail technicians to fill roles which others weren’t able to manage.

If you believe that you have the right attitude for the job, do not hesitate to drop the rapper a DM.

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