YK Osiris Singing Jah Vinci’s Dancehall Classic “Baby Girl I’m Alone” Is A Mood – Watch

YK Osiris reminded us that Jah Vinci gave us some timeless dancehall classics.

One surefire way to identify a hit track is by studying just how one responds to the song on an emotional level. While some songs are made strictly for feel-good purposes, others tend to leave you on a path of reflection. If you have been listening to dancehall music for the last decade, it should be easy to conclude that Jamaican entertainer Jah Vinci has perfected the art of evoking strong feelings and emotions whenever he sings. American singer YK Osiris recently shared a video of himself being caught in a maze of emotions as he belted out the words to Jah Vinci’s 2009 hit song “Baby Girl I’m Alone.”

The song is taken from the TJ Records produced Alter Ego Riddim compilation, which also features hit tracks from I Octane – “Think A Little Time;” Christopher Martin Ft D Major – “Real Friends;” Bugle – “Pearly Gate;” G Whizz – “Mamma Dont Worry;” and Raine Seville – “Too Late.”

Jah Vinci’s cut paints a picture of a man who is left broken without the love of his woman. Throughout the chorus, he recounts just how much he misses her and pleads with her to return to his arms where she belongs. While the verses go into more detail about the fight that caused the separation, it is the chorus that Osiris was captured vibing to. The 22-year-old Jacksonville talent, who is known for tracks such as “I’m Next,” “Valentine,” and, of course, his smash hit “Worth It,” would have been approximately 11 at the time the track was released. However, that didn’t stop him from turning up in his car.

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Jah Vinci reposted the video to his Instagram account saluting the power of music, meanwhile labeling himself as the #iamtheworldsinger. “Music is life!!! Name or tag the artist singing one of my hit track. #iamtheworldsinger,” he wrote.

The video has since been reposted across various other outlets on social media, and under one such post, Jah Vinci reminded fans that he currently has an EP in the making. “I AM THE WORLD SINGER. EP COMING SOON!!!” Jah Vinci said in the comment. The singer is currently signed to NotNice Records, which means that the project will be spearheaded by the top producer. The singer recently released the first single and music video from the project, a song titled “You Alone.”

Are you Jah Vinci fan? If the answer to that question is yes, you can check out the track below and run up the numbers as you desire.