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Lil Yachty Clowns Lil Baby For His Superhero Drip, Peep His Outfit

Lil Yachty says Lil Baby looks like a superhero in this outfit.

Lil Baby and Lil Yachty are like two brothers from the same family, the Quality Control family that is. And like all relationships, there are times when they don’t see eye to eye and other times when they show what having fun is all about. At least this time, Yachty had the last laugh when he trolled Baby for his recent wardrobe choices.

We have seen Lil Baby throwing out a few different styles in the last month or so. Just a few weeks ago, GQ ran a feature on the top-selling rapper, which saw him donning a few bell bottoms and even a full leather suit. Recently, Baby went for something a bit more modern yet still keeping it ‘tight,’ when he shared images of himself sporting a Prada turtleneck, white ripped jeans, and Jordan 13s to his millions of Instagram followers.

“I Damn Near Went Broke Paying Them Boys No Attention,” came the caption from the man ready to board his private jet. It quickly became clear that his fans, including Yachty, were paying close attention to him, and they quickly made mention that he looked like a superhero.

“U look like a super hero lol,” came the comment from Yachty, which others quickly pointed out as well. “This gives me Frozone vibes,” one person wrote, as he namedropped the superhero he resembles. One person thought he looked like the “green power ranger.” However, shockingly, quite a few of the comments were more concerned about Baby’s health, as they questioned if he could actually breathe in the closely fitted threads he had on.

You can check out the images to see what superhero he reminds you of.