The Voice Judges Performed Bob Marley’s Timeless Classic “One Love” In New Season Promo

The Voice judges kicks off the new season with a performance of one of Bob Marley’s timeless classics, “One Love.”

Bob Marley’s music continues to be the voice of unity nearly four decades after his death. The latest use of his musical genius comes from coaches of the upcoming season of The Voice, as they blend their talents to cover “One Love.” It has become customary for the coaches on the hit tv show to kick things off with somewhat of a singalong. 2019 saw them covering “Jealous” by one of the judges, Nick Jonas. However, this year Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani seemingly wanted something more fitting to the struggles the world has all ensured this year, opting for the famed Bob Marley track.

They delivered a flawless, socially distant type performance just outside of the backlot of Universal Studios. The shot opens with John Legend responding to a note left on a piano, which simply says, “Play Me.” While vocalizing the melodies for the track, Clarkson appears from a window and assists the “All Of Me” singer with some of the fun. Blake Shelton opens a front door of one of the apartments and strums to the classic reggae beat with his guitar. Gwen Stefani follows him through the open door as she takes on the second verse all by herself. It the closing shots, all four coaches portrayed huge smiles on their faces as a symbol of just how much fun they had while performing.

John Legend has been a lover of reggae music for many years and has recently worked with both Buju Banton Jamaica’s Grammy Kid Koffee. Still, Bob Marley’s voice and cultural representation is still one of the most sought after, with the legend’s music being used in various commercials targeting the US market. His albums have also become staples on the Billboard Charts.

As for the format of The Voice season 19, NBC mentioned that the show would have remotely-filmed live performances, while Carson Daly hosts from an audienceless soundstage. Both the coaches and contestants will remain at home. This may just increase the comfort level of some acts, which could mean a phenomenal show of talents this season, which starts October 19.