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Monica And Missy Elliot Hit The Studio Together For New Collab

Monica and Missy Elliot got some heat coming.

Monica and Missy Elliot have been pumping out hits both as solo acts and a hit producer/singer duo, for the better parts of the last three decades. This has ultimately solidified both as two of the hardest working females in mainstream r&b and rap, something Monica was highlighted for during her recent Verzuz battle against Brandy. Still, Missy and Monica have collaborated on a few hits in the past, and by the looks of it, the two friends are once again cooking up something in the studio.

Missy Elliot recently shared a short clip of herself and the “Don’t Take It Personal” singer vibing in the studio. She begins the video showing off her gorgeous, yet masked face with Monica’s vocals in the background. The selfy cam was soon panned to the right, showing a hooded Monica vocalizing the lyrics for what could be a total bop. As for Monica, she immediately catches onto the video and playfully pokes her tongue out before resting her head on Missy’s.

“If you say marry me boy you know that I will – W-i-llll I,” Monica utters as she sings the challenging rift. “Neeeeeeeeeewwww________!!!!!” Missy Elliott wrote in the captions, signifying that it was fresh material produced by her. She then gave a rundown of just how much work they have already put into the upcoming release. “3 days barely no sleep but we COOKIN,” wrote the misdemeanor act before dropping a range of emojis signify hunger, sickness, as well as indicators of a fire track.

The comments below the post were flooded with messages from fans now patiently awaiting the drop. At least one fan felt the track would not be complete with Missy shouting, “NEW MONICA!” One track which completely shows the power of the adlib is “So Gone,” taken from Monica’s 2003 album, After the Storm. They have also worked on songs such as “Knock Knock” and “Get It Off” (featuring Dirtbag), both off the same album; “No Stoppin'” in 2007 along with “Code Red” in 2015.

Are you gassed up for what sounds like it will be a new r&b showstopper?