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Tory Lanez Declares Innocence In “Most High” Video, Calls Celina Powell “Real Ni**a”

Tory Lanez is easing himself back into the public eye with new allies and visuals.

Oh, how the tables have turned. It’s becoming more apparent every day that Tory Lanez has been outcasted and is currently staring at a woefully minimal list of friends. So lacking is he that he has turned to a loose-lip frenemy to make amends. Tory went from allegedly getting Celina Powell beat up to thanking her profusely. Seeing as the infamous hip-hop groupie has achieved her little fame through exposing her famous sexual partners, it came as no surprise that she leaked the recent phone conversation between her and Tory Lanez on the ‘gram.

What was surprising was the fact that Tory was on the phone with her in the first place. The last time these two’s names were together was back in May when Powell named the rapper in a police report for an assault against her. They both live in the same condo building, and according to her, Tory’s former girlfriend attacked her.

Meanwhile, Lanez claims it was Powell who approached and started to harass them. Powell shared pictures of her injuries online and claimed to had sought treatment from a local hospital. Fast forward to today, and Tory Lanez is apparently thanking Celina Powell for being a real one.

The Instagram model shared a clip of the conversation to her stories, which shocked none. However, many fans believe it goes to show how alone Tory must be these days. The rapper even recently accused various media houses of publishing biased opinions for payment. During his conversation with Celina, he seemed to be expressing gratitude for sharing certain information with him.

“At the end of the day, regardless of our situation in life, I appreciate you still being a real n***a,” said Tory on the phone call. “Even though I had this information but still coming out and trying to tell me the situation.” Celina added that she didn’t want any problems. “Listen, I’m not trying to gas nobody up. Nothing… At the end of the day, I appreciate you saying what you said. Thank you. I thought it was going to be like, bigger news, but it’s still news to hear you say it so it’s cool.”

Ironically, Tory went on to disavow their longtime feud by saying, “At the end of the day, I never had a beef with you.” That may have come as a surprise to most people seeing as their nasty history is heavily documented in the press. “Just don’t—it’s some things about privacy that you just gotta realize like, just leave me alone,” he explained.

Tory has opted to fix things with his opps rather than win back his friends. Simultaneously, he has unveiled his first music video since the release of his new album Daystar. The visuals for “Most High” sees the Canadian singing rapper dancing and acting, appearing unbothered by the enormous scandal looming over his career.

The colorful video looks to be a large production and features a courtroom opening scene where Tory beats his case and reiterates his innocence at a press conference, a lit confetti party scene with a bunch of extras, Tory boxing with the devil, and sitting on the beach with a group of bikini-clad women running around.

In the song, Tory drags everyone from the record labels to the rappers who called for justice for Megan Thee Stallion, and the media that he recently claimed has embarked on a smear campaign against him. “What the f**k happened to rap, this isn’t for me / Never did I think I would see the day / Rap n***s telling the cops to come for me,” he raps. “Soon as I get my masters back they want chatter / Now I’m independent, n***s won’t fend it / White labels tryna turn my Black folk against me / Been sellin’ weed that n***a don’t affect me.”

Do you think Tory Lanez is genuinely unfazed as he moves forward with his new music and frenemies?