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Bhad Bhabie Announces Her Return To Rap Following Rehab Stint

Bhad Bhabie is plotting her return to rap.

17-year-old Danielle Bregoli is back from her stint in rehab, and she is now asking everyone to do it like her for her brand new track, “Do It Like Me.” Bregoli quickly found fame as the slick mouthed, backtalking kid on the Dr. Phill show in 2016, ultimately pioneering the catchphrase and song “Catch me outside, how about that?” She then quickly formed a rap career under the name Bhad Bhabie. However, apart from her releases with big names such as Lil Yachty and YG, she has been known for her social media shenanigans and tussles with rivals. It seems it all got a bit too much for the young rapper, leading to her check herself into a rehabilitation facility.

While explaining the break that she took, she said, “What most ppl don’t understand is that I had a pretty hard upbringing and on top of that it’s very hard being a young female growing up in the music industry especially with how I was brought into this whole world of fame I’m very mistaken and people don’t understand me.”

While we continue to look for a changed Bhabie, it seems she is keeping herself busy by promoting her upcoming single “Do It Like Me.” She has been steadily promoting the song over the past three weeks, and she recently dropped a snippet of the official music video that should be coming soon. The visuals include various clips of her news headlines along with a bold promise of transforming the bizarre 2020 into something less distasteful. “2020 has been a f**ked up year but I got something to turn it around,” came the statement. The rapper did not explain just how this would be accomplished, therefore, it seems a wait and see approach is inevitable at this point.

Nonetheless, she is ramping up promotions by asking for all her fans to head on over to the much loved TikTok to complete their own moves to the song.
It seems one fan in the comment section of one of her recent uploads summed up Bhad Bhabie’s desired outcome when she wrote, “I’m already knowing b**ches are going to be breaking their back to this song on TikTok.”

You can check out the music video trailer below.