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50 Cent Responds To Snoop Dogg’s DM About “Power” Love Scene, Snoop Explains Why

50 Cent has responded to Snoop Dogg’s DM about Power and now Snoop is explaining why he sent the message.

Power Book II: Ghost has been heating up homes everywhere every Sunday since it aired its first episode a couple of weeks ago. The show is known for its in your face content involving drugs, murder, and steamy sex scenes. However, not everyone was ready for what took place in the last episode, when Dru and his male friend got into it. The exact scene sees the character of Dru Tejada following Tariq St. Patrick at school. However, his plans are thwarted by a male basketball player who approaches him for a more intimate exchange, taking place at the basketballer’s place.

Among the persons seemingly questioning the need for such a scene was big homie Snoop. The California rapper didn’t say much at the time but simply shared an image of the scene involving the two men, via a direct message to executive producer 50 Cent. Fif shared the image on his Instagram timeline while deciphering just what he thought Snoop Dogg wanted to say. “@snoopdogg must didn’t like the last episode he sent me this. LOL I can hear him now, da f__k you doing to my show nephew!”

Snoop eventually explained his cryptic message below the post shared by 50 Cent. According to the rapper, the twists and turns of the series are just so good he had to highlight it to 50, the man in charge.

“Threw me for a loop,” wrote Uncle Snoop. “First lil murder now this sh*t. The season is a f**king masterpiece again as usual. Drew ya daddy bet not find out.”

Still, not everyone is convinced that Snoop Dogg’s response is genuine, and are labeling it as a move to dismiss any heat from the LGBTQ+ community. Other viewers are already planning to stop watching the show following the heated scene.

What are your thoughts on Power Book II: Ghost so far, and would you stop watching if a similar scene is shown?