Rihanna Flames IG Troll After Celebrating Her Melanin Magic With Fenty Skincare

Rihanna is promoting her Fenty Skin brand all year round.

Bajan superstar Rihanna has been kept busy for the better part of the last five years with her successful Fenty brand, which has expanded to skincare. The singer who says skincare had always been in the plans for Fenty has displayed an unparalleled commitment to the line, constantly dedicating her Instagram tiles to promoting its latest offerings.

Recently, the Fenty Boss shared a tutorial on how to use the skincare products, which are all multifunctional. Not only has she thrown herself behind the tedious research and keen assessments, but Rihanna is a proud consumer of Fenty Skin herself and often educates her fans on the importance of organic ‘skin-loving’ ingredients in skincare.

Taking to Instagram to drop another promo shot in her likeness this weekend, a Savage x Fenty-clad Rihanna donned a low NY bucket hat with streaks of the Fenty SPF moisturizer on her cheeks and nose as the products were neatly arranged along the outstretch of her arm in the background. The image attracted many likes as usual and the comments many opinions.

Rihanna opted to respond to one fan who, according to her, was mistaken about the proper use of skincare items. Perhaps fazed by the business mogul’s full-time social media commitment to her brainchild, one fan reminded, “It’s winter now,” they wrote under the post. “It’s the ignorance for me,” Rihanna wrote back. “You gon have wrinkles if you think spf is seasonal! But continue.”

Fans applauded Riri’s comeback for its class and shade in the comments of a Shaderoom post capturing the interaction. “And it’s fall sis lol,” one wrote, adding to the clapback. “Yessss educate the people sis,” another fan wrote. Interestingly, even whilst supporting the singer’s shade, some fans still shaded Rihanna herself about her long-anticipated ninth studio album. “We gone have wrinkles by the time u drop ur album sis,” one fan wrote to Rihanna’s clapback. “Girl clap back with that album,” another user chimed.

Rihanna did say the album may be out much sooner than her own fans suspect. Perhaps it really will surprise the lot of us. Until then, don’t come for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty because it’s as if she has some of the best uniquely tailored clap backs templated.