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Travis Scott Shook Fans With Early PS5, Lil Yachty Crowned Him King Of 2020

Travis Scott

Travis Scott might be the only person on the planet playing PlayStation 5 right now as Lil Yachty crowned him the only winner of 2020.

2020 has been a crazy and challenging year for most of us, but for Travis Scott, it hasn’t seemed half bad. The 29-year-old rapper has been staying busy with a series of successful business decisions, including an elaborate Fortnite concert featuring exclusive merchandise, a collaboration with McDonald’s and the creation of the Travis Scott meal deal, and the release of the new single “FRANCHISE.”

Now it looks like he is doing a little promotion for PlayStation in exchange for a pretty sweet perk—early access to the highly-anticipated PS5. Scott shared a picture of the new remote on his lap on Instagram, captioning the post, “I will be playing until the sun up.”

For us regular folk, the PS5 is set to drop on November 12th, meaning Scott got his hands on the new technology nearly two months in advance of the rest of the world. While his celebrity status is certainly an influencing factor in Sony’s decision to give the rapper first dibs, he has also entered into the gaming world in a way very few musical artists successfully accomplish. He has played with world-renowned streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins on a public platform several times and also blew the gaming and hip hop worlds away with the success of his Fortnite concert amid the restricting times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The concert drew millions of virtual fans who stopped fighting each other’s avatars to stop and enjoy the show.

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I will be playing until the sun up

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Scott’s picture has gaming fans wondering if other celebrities are getting to test out the console in advance of everyone else, and if so, what can we learn from their initial experiences with the new edition of one of the most advanced gaming systems in the world? If Travis is the only one with exclusive access, let’s hope he reports back about his experience with the PS5 to anxious gamers and fans.

Lil Yachty took to Twitter yesterday to share his thoughts on 2020 so far. Like most of us, he thinks the year has been a tough one for everybody with the exception of Travis Scott who is having the time of his life right now. “I ain’t gone lie, I think Travis Scott might be the only one who had a good 2020,” the Atlanta rapper tweeted. “I’m not even talking about music.”