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Squash Endorses Scamming And Lavish Lifestyle In “Bandulu” Video

Squash released his new music video for his trending single “Bandulu,” and fans are loving it.

Dancehall artiste Squash 6ix Boss has been premiering grade A visuals and singles since he has been abroad. In his latest quest for consistent hits, Squash dropped off new visuals for his song “Bandulu,” and it is currently the No. 8 trending video on YouTube. “Every gyal love 6ix because we a bandulu / Gyal a do as I say like mi wuk voodoo / 6ix lock the whole place who fool oonu / Long 30 clip inna the Ruger / Head banga, top scamma, mek e mula / Wah ‘mount a duppy deh pon mi computer / 24-inch pon e Bimmer coupe / Gyal a pray to di boss like Buddha,” Squash sings in the hook.

The video edited by T.A.K. was shot in a downtown neighborhood in South Florida. While his goons brandish weapons and blow large puffs of smoke on the front porch of a small-scale home, Squash arrives on a bicycle, much to the surprise of fans who never thought he had the skill. A white BMW convertible sits on the front lawn and is used as the director’s muse for a number of montages throughout the video.

“Bandulu” sees Squash virtually admitting to a series of crimes that preceded his music career and made him rich. “Seh dem a kick the ball not even know the game / Never put the dope fi sale / Never have a boat pon di sea a sail / Before mi buss inna di music millions mi have a save / Check mi accolade / Don’t pass yuh place,” he deejays.

In one scene, Squash is dressed in a straitjacket, white bucket hat, and a mask as he dances in a room full of indoor-grown marijuana. Like some of his other recent music videos, Squash wraps things up on a boat in the Atlantic with some bikini-clad female company.