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Fans Call Migos New Song “Birkin” Trash, Says It’s So Bad Cardi B Divorced Offset

Migos isn’t getting any love from fans for their new single, “Birkin.”

In many ways, 2020 has been the year of epic fails, and it looks like the Migos may be the latest victims of this ongoing curse. Taking to the stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival over the weekend, the trio of rappers performed a new song titled “Birkin”. The performance quickly spread online with fans expressing their disappointment over the group’s lack of originality, and some even declaring that the rappers had fallen off entirely. While their signature style has served them well up until this point, it seems that listeners are growing tired of the same old sound and Migos might have to switch it up if they hope to save their careers.

Lackluster music isn’t the only problem Migos members are facing these days. Offset is in the middle of a highly publicized divorce from Cardi B, and Takeoff is currently facing rape allegations. Since Quavo seems to be doing relatively well in his personal and professional life in comparison to his groupmates, some fans are wondering why he hasn’t abandoned the crew altogether to pursue a solo career. “Quavo…why are you still with them?” asked one Twitter user after viewing the recent performance.

Other responses to the iHeartRadio spectacle included, “What the fu*k happened to Migos this sh*t so lame”, and “I feel like if migos dropped a new album it would flop”. Other fans begged for the group they remembered to make a comeback, saying, “Please bring 2013 migos back” and “Bro why can’t we get culture migos”.

Their album Culture did, in fact, perform exceptionally well, but they have been struggling to hit that same level of positive reception ever since. The third studio album for the group is still rumored to drop this year, but it looks like these three rappers will need to deliver some hits and polish up their public image if they want the project to succeed.