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Govana Celebrates The Joker In “Strike Force” Video

Govana Drops Joker inspired music video.

In 2008, Australian actor Heath Andrew Ledger brought light to the psychotic character of Joker in the Christopher Nolan directed superhero action movie The Dark Knight. With Batman Day coming in less than 24 hours, it seems Jamaican entertainer Govana contracted prominent music video crew RD Studios to plan and execute the perfect homage to the legendary character in the visuals for his latest song “Stike Force.”

While the song could have simply been called Joker, it seems the current title is also paying homage to his dishearted crew members who make appearances in the video alongside Govana and the Joker. The white-faced, green-colored hair maniac is evidently the star of the show. Much like the original character from the comic strips, cartoons, and movies, the actor playing Joker uses various tools to inflict wounds on his victims. A machete, a chainsaw, and a golf club are the tools he finds perfect for his bloody trade. Yet, the Joker’s flawless performance would not be anything would Govana’s gritty flow throughout the entire song.

“Shoot dem and laugh like Joker / high-grade smoker but shoot boy sober nine mini cobra / bad with yuh 40 with the 90 me colder / have too much rifle fi go frighten fi soldier,” Govana deejays in the chorus.

Maybe one of the biggest takeaways from the release is that Di Genius has seemingly marked his return to dancehall with the production. The super-producer has been enjoying a ton of success in the international markets, however, fans are awaiting more work on the dancehall circuit now that he has worked with Govana.

One fan wrote, “Di Genius is back on the Dancehall scene! Ready fi some jugglings ya now! Gwaan dweet Govana!”

Go ahead and check out “Strike Force” below.